Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Land of Hope and Gin!

Dusting off my blogger logins from new(ish) mum hibernation... How could I not reboot for this little belter..

(Though I will say I need a little rebrand....)

True to itself "gin-jo" is lucky enough to be one of the World's first in testing out a unique adventure of tradition and taste 

Here goes..

In an idyllic enclave of coastal Aberdeenshire, a spirited gin had been born.

With purposeful character - it's ingredients are plucked from the plush tea plantations of the highlands, It's makers - candid in cultivating the perfect g and tea!

Like God's country legends themselves its botanicals are world renowned, making this gin firmly steeped from Scottish soil.

Introducing...The TeaSmith 

Our taster arrived, carefully nested ready for a short sweet ride to an experience of beauty and Britishness!

Having packed the essentials....

(...a full on picnic too!).. 

We were in the grounds of Blickling Hall, once holiday home to Henry the 8th...we rested up on rugs for what was a beautiful evening... Sunsets, picnics, candelabras, opera and classical music... The Blickling Proms

Quite fancy pour moi 

Now one little schoolboy error... Amongst the bizillion things I have to squeeze in the car for a 1 year old... I forgot key ingredients... Doh!

The mint and ice! 

But not to dampen the adventure - I plumped for a Union Jack garnish - celebrating our tasting with suitable pomp and ceremony! 

And... The first sups.....delicious! 

Incredibly smooth and easy to drink - a beautiful flavour - not overpowering, yet very obviously there - incredibly yummy 

Chilled... Yet chasing this wee one around.. It was the perfect summers evening and accompaniment 

This could so easily be a daily routine and pre supper aperitif or even as the name suggests enjoyed with afternoon tea itself - much like Sketch, London has so popularly delivered 

We're waving the flag for this gin!

The Teasmith is coming very soon and I hear there's a real popularity in pre orders - stick you're name down for what is sure to be a historic first batch - check it out - www.teasmithgin.com

Thank you Mr and Mrs Teasmith - oh tasty masterful ones! 

Monday, 4 May 2015


Whatta mouthful!

So with a name of "Gin-Jo" and combined with the joy of missing out "JOMO" it's hard to think why and how (well in my head!)...

But now Ive got this precious little fell on board and had to park the g&t for a few semesters or in preggo terms trimesters..

Ive stepped away from replacing what was my righteous with cake (gotta watch the waistline) and found other suitable adventures that will not only being darn loads of fun, but of course thoroughly entertain and feed my fashion hungry chops..

My mission: to make people not feel sorry for me whilst on the wagon.. but for them to whither in wonder!  So I asked myself...

Here goes... Our USA adventure - Part 1 !

Kicking off with a monster trip of the USA.. 5 States, 3,000 miles.. some awesome buddies en route, hipster joints and begin executing my ingenious (in my head!) fashion plan..

Now the world (well social media) finds out about our stowaway.. baby McClintock whilst waiting to board to yeee haaaw Texas..

Touching down in cowboy town - Dallas to stay with our dearest Texan buddies we kicked of our tour hanging out at live music joints, micro breweries and devouring all the tacos, steaks and smores we could muster.. and of course obligatory saddle glitter balls!

It's an awesome town that lassoes its arms around y'all showing you that Southern hospitality.. but next up was New Mexico, 7 hours to Roswell (yup, that 1950's weird alien sighting place) its en route to Sante Fe, a place to rest our eyes whilst sniggering at all bizarre alien stories.. its really rather strange!

Yet it delivered a beautiful sunrise ahead of our trip to USA's oldest town - Santa Fe.. 7000ft up and incredibly beautiful in such a different way..

Rested up from the wild Texan ways... stick with me... travel stories to be continued.. It gets super awesome!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Style Guide: Praying I'll look like Paltrow.........

You've gotten kinda plump and partied hard.. so its time for some rest and relaxation to recharge for the wonderful new year ahead.

I love January, whilst I'm sad to see the festivities shut shop.. It's a time to relax and look after yourself - health, home and finances!

I'll be spending most of January cuddled up indoors.. Braving it only for work and a few little pick me ups.

So I've packed away the sequins and stepped into slumber numbers - but you still won't see me in my PJs at the offy!  

So I've put together some essentials for slumber chic and of course you can get some more inspiration from my "Casual Chic" Pinterest board here.

Ive pulled together some bargain buys... most of which are in the sale and are some luxury you will not feel guilty for indulging in..

Links are below as always.. so you can shop whilst in hibernation!

Ugg grey slippers, pink cashmere stripe socks, pink pom pom Ugg slippers,
teal cashmere socks, black pants, grey and orange pants, pink pants,
blue patterned pants, grey pants.

Navy fluffy long cardi, furr lined card, grey long cardi, pink long cardi,
blue-peach-lilac mohair cardis

Grey pashmina, Blue pom pom pashmina, Cream pom pom pashmina,
Mint pashmina, Cream pashmina, Pink pashmina

Ive taken a couple of gorgeous girls from my Pinterest Board and replicated their look.. most of which is in the sale and you can buy all online..

Get this outfit for under £175!
Leggings, Cardi, Sunnies, Purse (optional!), Pashmina, Lace Vest

Get this outfit for under £115!
Earrings, Chinos, Linen blend top, Sunnies, Pashmina, White vest

Bra, Knickers, Candle, Necklace, Robe 

But its not all about DIY, Ive booked myself in to my fave local Cowshed in Primrose hill for a few little bobby dazzlers..

To my buddies - I'll probably make it out for February, praying I'll look like Paltrow!

Monday, 29 December 2014

Living our adventure

In most case you always want something else, a bigger house, better car, more holidays, a pay rise..

...but for me it's about living your dreams and ambitions everyday... feeling like everyday has a great purpose and you're creating incredible stories that give you great depth and experience .. whatever your passion

In the words of someone inspiring I work for... 

You can always dream bigger and feeling like you're in your best dreamt adventure everyday means no regrets and big smiles all round and for me achieving this is a lot about your outlook, the environment you are in and who you surround yourself with.. 

The best adventure so far is the one I'm living, from a wee west country spot to the big smoke there's always something new and exciting wherever I look.. 

This little quote by Mark Twain is always an inspiration to break out of the mould and your safety net and just go for it, whatever!  It became my mantra about 6 years ago..

I feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing family and friends from all cultures, I live in one of the most exciting cities, travel the world, experiment and exploring new places, trends, ideas and being in a job that inspires and excites me every day

Enough of me being all philosophical...so with the new year in mind,.... are you living your dreams?

Here's a few that are inspiring me to do some wonderful things in 2015.

I hope you have fun!

Book the bloody trip!
Its bound to be on sale in January, you will have the time of your life - think of all those memories... we've done it!  Off to see some wonderful people in Texas and California March 27th

Focus on the positive
The people, places and things that keep you inspired

Allow yourself time
For your goals, for rest (its the secret to eternal beauty), for all the little things
Make some time for yourself everyday, every week - book a spa, treatments, buy some wonderful pampering delights so that you feel delectable not bedraggled

Practice gratefulness everyday - It will "reset" your perspective on life
This TED Talks video is pretty inspiring and makes me rethink what I take for granted - Watch it here

Do a great deed for your community - Combat Loneliness
The Silverline charity exists to be a person to call, a friend, for the elderly who are alone… imagine if it were you. Sign up to help here.

Bottle them up
Stick every single goal you can think of, wrap them up in a bottle and break them open to celebrate your achievements on the following new years eve

Get creative
Photography, art, writing, start a blog!

Make it happen
The business idea, the trip you have always dreamt of

In the words of Nelson Mandela – "May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears"

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Style guides: Trolley Dolly

I actually only ever buy the Sunday Times for the Style supplement... Ive been doing it for years..

And one of my favourite bits is the "Going up vs Going down" feature - keeping you up to date with the popular trends..

So this Sunday, I was pretty damn pleased to find my wonderful Christmas present appear in the style stakes..

So it turns out my obsession for a vintage drinks trolley is bang on trend!....  Ive been collecting my fave pics from bloggers and brands.. showing the glamorous beauty of them...

In time for New Years glamour... you can see more of this party pad attire on my Pinterest board here.. 

And now its my turn to recreate some vintage fun... I already have this wonderful lot...

And here's my little beauty.... I love her..

With the bits I have, Ive found some wonderful things to adorn her..

Cocktail mix kits, Hat top champagne bucket, Ice bucket, Gun wine stopper,
Guitar Ice cubes, Silver tray

Milk bottle, Chase Raspberry Liqueur, Moustache glass, Jug, Kilner Jars,
Decanter, Japanese gin,  Moet Ice Imperial, Vodka skull head,
Duppy Share rum
Buy them here!

You need a great backdrop to finish this off... either a wonderful mirror or some incredibly striking art... all available here at the wonderful Rockett St George x

Bringing a bit of early 20th century glamour to your home.

If you need to know where to get one.. gimme a shout.. I know someone that knows everyone for this kinds gear!

Thank you Loopy..... x .... I'm off to quaff Bellinis